Hairise belt roller conveyor in medical industry

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Roller conveying product line is applied for conveying kinds of cartons,bags and pallets. It maily consists of roller, frame,support and driven parts andit is mainly used for material detection, distribution and packaging system. It contains power roller, motorless roller and so on, and it has several forms: straight line style, bend style and slope style.It can be completely installed as requested.

  • Item type: Roller conveyor
  • Frame: aluminum/carbon steel/stainless steel/customized
  • Drum spacing: 100mm 120mm 150mm Customized
  • Conveyor speed: Customized,for exsample: 6meter/min
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    Brand Name Hairise
    Item Type Roller Conveyor
    Frame aluminum/carbon steel/stainless steel/customized
    Assembly line width 400mm / 500mm / 600mm / Customized
    Assembly line height 720mm / 750mm / 800mm / Customized
    Assembly line length 1000mm / 2000mm / 3000mm / Customized
    Drum spacing 100mm 120mm 150mm Customized
    Voltage 100mm 120mm 150mm Customized
    Drum gear Single Gear Or Double Gear
    Conveyor speed Customized,for exsample: 6meter/min
    Drive form Motor Driven Transport
    Remark Customized dimensions all can be accepted by our factory (Furrow,Adjustable,Normal)
    Features 1. Economic and practical, cost-effective;
    2. Modular combination, easy to transport and maintain;
    3. Reliable operation, low noise and safety;
    4. Adjustable legs, wide application scope;
    5. Surface electrostatic spray, beautiful appearance;
    6. Adjustable convey speed;
    7. Large load capability;
    8. Lightweight design, fast installation;

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